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Still hasn’t delivered my BMW 380i!

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24 September 2019

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I was looking forward to buying a vehicle so that it would be easy for me to go to the office daily. Since it was a one-time investment I wanted to buy a brand new car. I searched for the best-selling car company this year and decided to buy a BMW because of its attractive looks and extraordinary features. I then realized it would be better to buy a BMW from an authentic showroom of their own. I then decided to take my business to the Laurel BMW of Westmont because it was near my house and it was the only showroom in our locality. I didn’t waste any time and made an appointment with the manager.
I went into the place to check out their showpiece. They had very few showpieces present in their showroom and when asked about it to the staff member responsible I was told that all the other models are kept in the garage at the backside but unfortunately I wouldn’t get access through it because I was not a member of their firm. I had to make a membership card to check out the cars. I was then called in by the manager to talk about the type of car I wanted. I told him my budget and the specifications I wanted. He then took me through his garage and I chose a BMW 380i convertible to be the best for me because it had a very classy look and a red hot colour which made it look sexier. I was then called for the payment and the paper works. After completing everything I was told that the car would be delivered to my address within a week. I wanted to take away the car the same day because I had to resume my office from the next day but the manager didn’t listen to me and denied my proposal.
I had no other option but to wait for the car to arrive. The delivery was not yet done within a week. I got tensed and called the firm to inquire about such complications, the Laurel BMW of Westmont didn’t pick up the call and I got frustrated and went into the place to talk about it to the manager. The manager was unfortunately not present and his assistant behaved very rudely and told me that there was an issue with the delivery man and it would take some time. I got angry and pissed off. I was sent off without any further help. It was more than 10 days and I couldn’t wait anymore so I again approached the Laurel BMW of Westmont and had a talk with the manager. It was the second time I had to remind them about such complications. I was frustrated by their poor service and cursed myself for buying my dream car from the wrong place. I am writing this review to make everyone aware not to buy any car from the Laurel BMW of Westmont. They have a very poor delivery service. Thank you!

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