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16 September 2019

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I’ve taken a few pets here throughout the years, basically as a result of the closeness to my home. I had quit coming here quite a long while earlier because I felt their costs were high, yet I gave them another attempt when I moved again into Roselle, IL. From the start, I felt that their visit expenses were over the top sensibly speaking and the consideration they gave to my pet was unimpressive. In any case, after a few visits, the visits appeared to turn out to be increasingly more costly as extra administrations were either proposed or commanded.
In my last visit, Dr Jennifer Griffin expressed that to keep prescribing my dog’s medicine, she would need to examine extra blood work and the blood tests cost me $90. When I asked for her to explain for what reason these tests were required, she said that they have to screen the liver and they want to inquire if it’s working properly or not. My dog has been on this specific intervention of medicine his whole life, and no other vet has requested to have this extra blood work. When I suggested this point, Dr Jennifer seemed disturbed and ended up guarded and deigning. She intimated that no earlier blood work was in the record since we had “vet bounced,” because of us moving to another city for a year. She also said that if their administrations were out of our financial limit, we ought to perhaps consider “lower-cost options.” It truly felt like I was being disgraced because of their greed for cash. The staff was awful. The front desk lady is confused and doesn’t answer you accurately if you ask anything. Shockingly, Dr Jennifer has no understanding, absence of sympathy and no polished skill. It is about the cash, not the consideration of your pet. Regardless, the amount you pay, they won’t help with straightforward solicitations. They need to run a similar test again and again for the charges even though they realize it will be the same drug recommended once more. It was extremely a disagreeable encounter, uniquely that they didn’t make any effort to keep you as a client, might be they have enough business to bear the cost of losing one. The examination room was not sanitized and the equipment they use for treating pets is outdated and not cleaned properly. Animal hair was all over the floor of the examination room and the cleaning team was nowhere to be seen. I have since discovered another vet who is exhaustive and down to earth and works with me to play out every single vital test while endeavouring to be as efficient as quality consideration will permit. My dog is doing so much better after I have switched to another clinic and LEFT THIS ONE. I surely won’t return to Lakeside hospital because I can’t afford to waste my time and money anymore.

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