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LA Fitness International Review

LA Fitness International

I wanted to warn all the readers of the big scam that LA Fitness is. There are a lot of hassles with this gym. You cant cancel/transfer your memberships or training programs easily. They lure you into these program and get you to sign the contract. But at the time of cancellation, its a nightmare to go through all the ### that they put up. I moved out of country and they are not ready to cancel my training program even when I provided a letter from my bank saying that my address has changed. I asked the manager what proof is required, he didnt know the answer. When I contacted them again, they say that I need a utility bill from my new address as a proof. That would mean that they would keep charging on my credit card until I do not get the first bill from my new address (I am still waiting for it). Besides that, you would think that in this digital age, they would have some sort of online procedure to settle it. But no, they still require mails instead of emails. Not to mention their training program is pathetic (for me atleast) and the salesmen/managers change colors after you join the gym/program. Did I tell you that the trainers get changed every month. (What can you expect from that.) While I know that these are not actual complaints and I am sure they mentioned somewhere in the fine print of their contracts, their business practices are the worst I have ever encountered during my 3 years of stay in USA. And yeah… I am talking on behalf of me and at least half a dozen of my friends who have gone through similar situation. Please do consider what you get into before joining this gym.


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