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Took my money but didn’t do the job

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22 September 2019

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It had been too long since I got my Audi serviced. The number of issues had started accumulating and therefore I decided to get the car serviced. I wanted to get the best service possible and since it is advised to go to authorized service centres, I decided to follow that. I did not know much about service centres and so I took help from some of the friends who regularly got their cars serviced. One of my friends suggested me not to go to Audi’s service centres as they do not care about their customers as soon as they get the money. I decided not to listen to him. I searched online for service centres nearby and found out about Kocurek Imports. I checked the timings on the website and called up the service helpline to schedule an appointment. I had to cancel some of my appointments at work to take my car to Kocurek Imports but I had no other choice as they did not want to change the date of the appointment.
I reached the place in my car at the exact time of the appointment. While waiting, I saw an employee talking rudely to a customer. It was rather odd to see an employee working under a reputed company’s name with such an abusive mouth. While I was in the middle of thinking, I was poked by the mechanic. I greeted him cheerfully and told him all about the issues. The tires were slippery, the car made a strange noise when it passed through speed-breakers. There was also an issue with the Air Conditioner – A foul smell came out of it whenever it started. He did not even bother to check it. I was simply told to come after a week and collect my car. I paid an enormous amount hoping that it would be worth it. I was assured by a colleague that authorized service centres to provide their customers with the best quality of after-sales service (he owns a Ferrari).
A week passed and since I was facing problems moving from one place to another without my car, I went to the place on the morning of the date stated. My instincts were telling me that something was going to be wrong but I did not want to believe it. On reaching the palace, I saw my car standing outside in the open. There was no one around it. I went in to collect the keys and that is when I met the mechanic. He told me that the AC could not be fixed as it was a ‘major’ problem. I could not believe my ears. The sole reason for paying a huge sum was to get all the problems fixed. Hearing the words come out so casually from his mouth made me realize my mistake. I should have never brought my car to Kocurek Imports. I did not even get a refund of the money.
My recommendation for anyone reading this is to never, ever, ever think of taking your car to Kocurek Imports as they have zero regards for their customers.

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