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Knight towing and repair – The laziest people you’ll ever me

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12 September 2019

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I am writing this so individuals can perceive how careless and dishonest this dealership was, there ought to be governing rules or some sort of value control. Additionally, this dealership should not have the option to convince individuals to buy things that are not for sure required. I brought my vehicle into Knight towing and repair because it was riding unpleasantly. I went there after an appointment and upon my arrival, they took my car keys and one of their repairmen lost it while they accused me of not bringing it. I was told that I required swaggers, the arrangement is done, brakes front and back (which the back brakes did not need to be done at all and the front was not of direness, it was barely at the wear line) and tires front and back (the front tires did not need to be done). I was advised the brakes were to the point the rotors could be harmed if I didn’t complete them ASAP. I was influenced into making superfluous buys by the manager directly before the occasions. In any case, I was fortunate I felt free to get the brakes supplanted by another dealership since this was how it was found that when knight towing overhauled my vehicle, they had not secured the nuts on our swaggers. Their lack of regard could have cost us our vehicle, or much more terrible our lives if the tire had taken off. When we made it to the repairman to do the brakes we just had one nut left on the swagger, and the other was so free it could be flicked with a finger. We needed to come back to this shitty dealership so they could finish the activity they neglected to finish in the first run through. When we displayed this to the Service chief Manager and the Dealership Manager, we were advised they don’t need to successfully redress their error because no harm was done. We were essentially being influenced to make buys that were superfluous and it was satisfied that they half worked my vehicle as long. This was not the degree of administration I would anticipate from my dealership. Another worst thing I had to face was that they wouldn’t respect the guarantee I had on my vehicle they said there was nothing they could do to fix my vehicle since I wasn’t the primary proprietor and the VIN wasn’t coordinating to my name. I called another knight towing dealership seven days after this incident and my name came straight up and they explicitly said yes your vehicle is under guarantee to get repaired to 100,000 miles. The shitty dealership couldn’t comprehend why they disclosed to me generally. They wasted 3.5 precious hours and I regret going to them. They are a bunch of rude people who would never admit they are wrong. Better not go to this place or you will ruin the peace of mind!

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