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Kings Cleaners | Ruined my coat!

I paid 20$ for King Cleaners to dry clean my brand new 200$ wool coat. When I picked it up 3 weeks ago, the coat had been shrunk and the wool was matted. I immediately brought it up to them and politely asked for a refund for the coat. They have a refund policy however they are not abiding by it. A woman who just happened to walk in behind me also had the same problem with her coat. Since then they have kept my coat trying to contact the store from which I bought it. They blame the material, taking no responsibility for my coat shrinking. They have repeatedly lied to me (they say they are going to refund me, the next time i come in they refuse to).I have been going there everyday for 3 weeks trying to at least be refunded for the actual 20$ dry cleaning. They are even refusing to do that. They claim to have provided a service, when in fact all they have done for me is given me a headache. They have ignored my concerns and at times are very rude in dealing with me.We have been going to them for years, but they have recently gone under new management. I fear they are doing this to other peoples items, as was the case with the lady behind me in line whose coat was also ruined. They refuse to do anything! I regret ever taking my coat there and want to warn others against doing so! Currently, I am more upset with the poor customer service then I am at the fact they ruined my coat.

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