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King linen has no integrity. They sent me the wrong comforter and I had to pay for return shipping for their mistake. Then a week after they had received my return they said it was washed or used and that they would not give me a refund because the product was in unacceptable condition. I didn’t even open the comforter it wasn’t what I ordered and they refused to give me a full refund because the comforter was used. Either they sent me a used comforter or they are just trying to steal my money. I only lost about $12 from that but its the principal of the situation and they did NOTHING to make it right. They said there was nothing they could do because the product had been disposed of. I then asked why they didn’t contact me before they disposed the item. The lady just kept making excuses and couldn’t give me a straight answer. I know for a fact she knew I was right and wouldn’t do anything about it. I am soooo unhappy with the way I was treated by this company and that they stole my money. I lost almost $60 between shipping both ways and the money they took from them sending me a used item that I NEVER touched. All of which was THEIR mistake. I will do everything I can to keep spreading the word about this horrible dishonest company that steals from their customers.

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  1. Librada Tetreault May 25, 2020

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