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24 September 2019

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Kia of Portland is supposed to be a place for car services and I contacted the company to have a look at certain details that needed fixing and replacements.
I made an appointment at the company and needed my car repaired on time for getting back home. I hoped for quicker results and didn’t get that from car repairs at Kia of Portland. It’s such issues that I have that makes it difficult to work with the team.
They placed orders for requirements and didn’t bother contacting me on details of the orders and of updated information of the orders. This frustrated me and didn’t give me a calm wait for the car part orders to arrive.
I waited for orders and no reply to my calls and emails didn’t make the situation any easier at Kia of Portland. The long wait lasted five days of my time and I discontinued my deal with the company. I experienced delays in orders and replacements of parts in my car and no communication from the team. This didn’t go fine with me and I expected better from Kia of Portland.
A week after I discontinued my deal with the company, I heard the orders had arrived and they asked me if they should continue their services of my car. I refused and took my business to another company. The bad services from Kia of Portland taught me a lesson. I must research professional companies online and to pay a little bit on the price to get a better job done on my car.
I looked for cheap prices and visited Kia of Portland and didn’t realize the small price costed me twice. There was no job done and I got irritated with the terrible services from the company. There’s no interest to give customers’ the best services and no care for the delays of car part orders to customers. I didn’t get the best communication in emails and telephone calls to me. I wasn’t updated on new information or of other information as I requested from the company.
I noticed Kia Portland had other clients and they had similar problems of car-parts and complained of the slow process in orders. Also, there were delays in fixing cars and this made me feel secure with my complaints to the company. I knew I am one of those who complained and I’m so sad that I’m not the only person. This place is terrible and has ruined the experience of many other customers.
I feel dissatisfied of the experience I had at Kia of Portland. This didn’t give me what I wanted as a customer and my needs denied for the delay of car ordered parts. I don’t give a recommendation of Kia of Portland to other clients due to the worst services I had from this company. I don’t have an interest in this company for their unpleasant service and welcome I had from the company.

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