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Khosla Ventures Review

Khosla Ventures

It’s hard to form an opinion. So let me start with the team. Basically, everything is good, bios are complete, but there are no photos. That’s weird they missed this point. It’s kind of important. You can be considered for funding, but there is no information about the conditions for that, their strategies. It’s obvious. How do I know that I fit in there? The portfolio is good and big, but again, the website is not for viewing, it’s boring and full of long texts, doesn’t contain any pictures. I don’t know why they chose this design. Sre, the design is not a decisive stage, but it’s also an important part of everything in this little machine. Funds are not for fun, I know it, but the more attractive it is, the more people will come. I don’t think Khosla Ventures needs it much, I’m saying this for other similar firms.

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