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19 September 2019

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My father was not a rich man or had hereditary wealth. All the values that I have today are because of him. He worked hard day and night to finance my education and I had promised myself that I would take care of him once I start earning.
I fulfilled this promise I had made to myself by buying my very own dream space. I had made plans to customize every inch of the house. I started with the paint job. I hired the best painting company around and got every house painted according to my choice. I chose the textures, mixed colours and even the wallpapers myself. The job was done brilliantly by the workers from the painting company. The next item on my list was the flooring. A friend of mine owns a company and I hired him to get my flooring done. He had an idea about my taste and delivered perfectly. Then came the tougher one – Door and Windows. I did not have much idea and therefore had to google to gain some perspective regarding the matter. I also looked for reputed companies who designed and manufactured doors. I finally chose Kelleher Corporation for the job.
I called the place and told them to send a guy to discuss my needs for the door and windows and if all goes well then to take the measurements also. It took them a week to send a guy. The guy did not seem to be too interested while I was explaining to him the design of the door and windows. All he did was look at me and nod. I told him to use the best quality of wood available and for the windows also the same. He nodded and then went up ahead to take the measurements. The thing that seemed strange to me was that he did not write down the dimensions or measurements anywhere. When I asked him, he told me that he will remember the measurements. I was taken aback by his confidence and decided not to pester him. He told me that it would take some time for the products to be ready.
After almost a month, a new guy came in with the manufactured. When he started fitting, he realized that the measurements were not apt. I also noticed that the door and windows were not a bit according to my design. I furiously called the company and told them about all of it. They told me that the guy who took the measurements had left the company and that it would be against the policies of the company to issue a refund to me. I realized that I had been scammed by these fuckers. They have no idea of professionalism or commitment. All they do is lie and cheat.
I would recommend everyone to stay away from Kelleher Corporation as the company is totally and unquestionably fraudulent.

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