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My car was picked up in July. The driver called about 20 minutes before pick up. I told him where it was on my property and reminded him that I needed a receipt. He took the car and left no receipt. When I called dispatch, they said that their drivers don”t carry receipts. When I complained that they took my belongings without giving me a receipt and that I would never use them again, she said, “We do all of the donation car pick ups. That will be your problem. Not ours.” I then called the 800 Kars4Kids number. They apologized for the dispatcher/driver”s behaviors and said that they would send a pick up acknowledgement right away and an actual valued tax receipt following the auction of the car. It is now a month later and I have received NOTHING from them. I am furious. I highly disrecommend helping these people if they can not get more organized. I would have been better off doing a trade in and then giving that money to charity. This has been excessive work and frustration and disappointment.


  1. Jennifer Gassen May 24, 2020
  2. Hilma Genrich May 24, 2020

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