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I ordered the Premium Cosmopolitan Fall Bouquet on September 30th, 2008 for a 50th birthday celebration on October 4th 2008. This arrangement cost me $99.99, and with delivery and tax the total came to $124.99. I requested a delivery before noon because we would be out all afternoon. On Oct. 4, I called the 1-800 number at noon to ask where the flowers were. I waited on hold while they phoned the florist and was told the flowers would be delivered in the afternoon because they just received the order that morning (justflowers says that is not true). I stayed at the house all day waiting. I called at 2pm and they told me to phone back in 30 minutes. I then waited till 5:55pm and they finally came to the door. I told the driver he must have the wrong flowers because mine should be much larger. I showed him the photo of the arrangement I ordered that was shown on the web site, and told him my arrangement should be larger than the photo because it was the premium package. The bouquet he brought was 1/2 the size of the $79.99 bouquet in the photo, and there were some carnations and 2 roses and some greenery, a couple small purple and yellow flowers and one closed lily. In the ad they say we’ll add lots more flowers in the premium bouquet so I requested orange lilies. I got none. I was on the phone with justflowers.com and I told them I would not accept the bouquet. He told me to take photos and send the to service dept. and that he would call me back. He did not!! I flew home on Sunday Oct 5th. On Monday, I emailed the photos to Just Flowers service. A woman from California called me. She agreed that the bouquet was not what it was supposed to be and said she would see about getting my money back and some how compensated. The birthday event was now over and visitors had flown home. The company tried to send flowers the following day but I told the woman on the phone that the flowers were no longer needed, and that the point of using the service was to have them delivered at a designated time. I wanted my money refunded. The company said they would call back. This went on for a week and I spoke to as many as seven different people trying to get the issue resolved. Each had a different story as to how it was being handled. I am certain some of them loathed going through the motions of lying to another customer to maintain “company policy” of not providing refunds to dissatisfied customers. On October 14, I finally got a phone call from “DANNY” the so called “MANAGER” after three requests to speak to someone who can make a decision. “DANNY” was rude from his first word. His first sentence was you get no refund. I believe “DANNY” learned the word irrelevant that week because whenever I tried to explain any of my concerns, he insisted those concerns were irrelevant. I asked him if he looked at the photos I sent, or knew anything about my previous conversations with his co-workers. I was not surprised he said no. An absolutely repugnant, smug, company hatchet man. Brutal. So the conclusion to my experience with this awful outfit ends with Just Flowers having my $124.99 and me with nothing. Do NOT believe the photos on the website because I could have purchased the flowers they delivered for $30.00 at the local grocery store. This company will rip you off, as they have so many others. Please do not use them.

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