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Beware of Just Cuts Franchising

I went to Just Cuts a few days ago for a TRIM, and the lady agreed to trim only an inch off. Well low and behold, she cut off 5 inches and as soon as she had done this quickly took off! When she finally returned I told her she had cut off more than I had asked, and she said, No! your hairs still long!. I was in shock and didnt know what to say, so I paid for it and left. When i got home I noticed my hair definalty was shorter and looked terrible. I phoned the shop and told the manaher what happened and didnt even get my money back . I am hurt because its taken me 12 long months to trim and grow my hair, and this evil hairdressor sniped it off in a second! I dont know what could be worse, I would rather have not gone there, and i will never go there again!

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  1. Melissia Hazlett May 25, 2020

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