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08 September 2019

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Journey Therapeutic Massage is one of the worst places I have ever visited. The place reeks of negativity and deviousness. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone. The staff here doesn’t reduce your stress or pain. Instead of that, they increase your pain. Moreover, the terrible behavior of these people will ruin your mood further. I don’t think it’s okay for anyone to visit this place. I am sharing my experience with this malicious spa so that you do not get trapped in the schemes these spas plan. Journey Therapeutic Massage is located in Madison, Alabama.
Journey Therapeutic Massage has affordable charges but they do not know how to treat a customer. I wanted to relax my feet so I decided to go to Journey Therapeutic Massage for this purpose. I had heard about them so I did not give the negativity much heed to affect my decision. I chose their Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage and the duration for the treatment was 60 minutes. First I was not satisfied with the environment. A spa’s environment should be relaxing and soothing but all I could get was a distressing vibe. I complained about this to the management but there was no response. The massage went awful and the 60-minute duration was cut down to half. The therapist did not know anything about the method of giving a barefoot massage. Within 15 minutes, my feet started to hurt even more so I asked her to massage my feet for 30 minutes. When I asked the receptionist to refund the amount paid for the other 30 minutes, she started arguing and soon she was yelling, literally yelling at me. The entire situation became so embarrassing for me.
My friend had the exact same massage but even she was not satisfied. For once I thought it was me who had the issue. Maybe the masseuse was not trained but my friend faced the same situation and I realized that it was not me being paranoid but the problem was with the bastards at Journey Therapeutic Massage. While posting my review, I also searched for more negative reviews. Shockingly a lot of other customers have reported about their unskilled masseuses, arrogant receptionist, etc. I’m sharing another customer’s review so you can see how depraved these people are.
One of the most saddening reviews was posted by a pregnant woman. The lady who stated that she was pregnant and got pain in her legs; she consulted Journey Therapeutic Massage for some therapy but was furious after the massage didn’t make any difference to her pain. Her pain also increased because of the pathetic treatment of this place. She later went to another place to get her pain treated. After this review and what my friend and I have experienced, I would never go to the place ever again and would advise everyone to do the same too. You wouldn’t want anyone to waste their money on this wasteland, would you?

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