John R Fishbein Phd

His clinic should be shut down.

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09 September 2019

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It is saddening to see that people who are depressed are hiding in plain sight with a fake smile on their face. People like Fishbein are taking advantage of such people.
After the sudden passing away of my grandfather who I was very close to, life seemed to be meaningless. It became hard for me to swallow even an ounce of food. The sleepless nights haunted me and the daytime reminded me of all the memories. I could not concentrate on anything at all. I did not go to college, did not meet my friends. I even broke up with my girlfriend. I had made up my mind that I could not be saved. My parents could not see me like this and decided to send me for Depression Therapy Sessions.
Both of my parents looked up reputed therapists nearby and chose Fishbein John R. to be a therapist. I was reluctant to go to him at first as I did not want to talk to anybody regarding the destructive thoughts that kept hovering all around my mind. The first session was not what I had expected to be. I was sent home by the therapist when I refused to share everything on the first day. He told me to ‘gather up enough strength for the next session’.
In the next session, I opened up to him about literally everything. I told him how I felt, why I was feeling what I was feeling and how I had made some bad decisions during this phase. When I was done flooding out my heart in front of him, I saw that he had his earphones on. I was asked to repeat and when I hesitated, I was shouted at for not being ‘open enough’.
The third session was just as terrible as the other ones were. Instead of telling me sensible ways to climb out of the unending mental torture, he asked me to vent out my anger at things. He forced me to punch a glass bowl. After being forced too much, I lashed out at him and in a fit of rage did what he asked me to. My knuckles started bleeding and I had to get them bandaged.
I realized that what I was told to do was wrong and how not a single of his sessions helped me. Instead of listening to me and advising me like a professional, he did all the opposite things.
It took me some time before I realized what a fool I had been going to that place and that therapist and thus, I stopped going to that inhuman person named Fishbein John. R.
After attending his sessions, I realized that just having a degree does not make you good at your profession and how it takes more than knowledge to be a good human being. I would advise everyone to stay away from Fishbein John R as he is the most unprofessional, irresponsible and incompetent therapist I have ever seen.

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