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Jetstar Airways

I wanna voice out on this very recent incident which i think is totally unagreeable as a comsumer. I had just book 3 seats to vietnam HCM city. One of my friend back out as he had a appointment to attend. So we decided to change to another fri. -Making the whole scenario short. First time i call the airline, it told me a name change would cost me $50. Which is half of my ticket price(for a name change). i find it expensive but since we had to get the name change done, my fri agreed! Second time i call up the airline, the female operator told me I would be charge additionally $140 dollars instead of the first operatoe who told me $50. We had a small arguement over there! I told her why not u ask ur higher authority to ans this call. She replied there no higher authority around as it after office hours. Fine! Tell ur higher authority to give me a call tomorrow. Here what she replied, your ticket was bought on a special promo price, our higher authority will not give you a call.I am wondering so this is what we get for flying on budget airlines where they spend millions each year on advertising their airfares and services.( serve me right for flying budget- JETSTAR). The third time i call, this kind lady operator did excellent- she told me here the breakdown, -SOP(standard operation procedure)$40 for name change/$50 for change(some admin charge) plus rebook on the airticket, whichever price that is shown on the current air price $150. Total add up to $240. As a comsuer i am paying $300/3pax(promo rate).So per pax at the promo price is $100(right)? Now i need to pay additional $140 for a name change. A NAME CHANGE will cost the ticket price from a promo price $100 to $240. which as a comsumer i find it totally ridiculous. It totally HIDDEN cost. -JETSAR operator REALLY has good/excellence customer service SOP.(make me wanna slam my head on the wall) I wanna let this known to other comsumer who want to fly JETSTAR to think twice. Once you book your tickets, dont make any changes or u gona be paying commercial price on a budget flight. *Last very important! There is no customer feedback e-mail you can write to. If you wanna do some feedbacks? do the traditional way, use a pen and write in. I do wonder in this modern days a carrier airline got no email for feedback. How good and fast their service will be. -I only wanna voice out my discontent and let this matter be known. I can be assure this is my first time flying JETSTAR and my LAST. Hopefully my experience can provide some infomations to others.


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