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A bunch of greedy retards

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18 September 2019

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Let me tell you about my first consultation, I was there for two hours (which was rather long), but they asked me to get an x-ray from them before they could tell me about the procedure. During the consultation, they mentioned veneer vs. bonding and the possibility of other dental work. I left the appointment somewhat confused, especially because I had an ordinary dentist whom I attended religiously and had for the past eight years. I also see my dentist about six times a year to clean and add anything I think is necessary (I like to smile). However, when I returned a week and a 1/2 later to clean and tie (to ensure bleaching looked better on the newly cleaned teeth they suggested), I saw the doctor again, he once again suggested the same but told me it was my choice. I told him I am not interested in veneers or other work and I just want a bond. I felt much stressed at one point, so I told the doctor that there was no disrespect but why they are suggesting all this work what my regular dentist never suggested. (I think you really trust your ordinary dentist, he took care of all my dental issues and never forced me to do anything else than what I asked for and I never had a problem paying for the job he recommended) Doctor Jeffery W. Cross, DDS at Frederick, Maryland explained that he predicted problems that could occur in the distant future. Ok, I understand, but I explained that I did not come for that job and when the days and times of the far future arrive, I would discuss those issues. But, the doctor also kept on telling me that you do need to decide until your next appointment regarding veneer vs bonding. I replied that I already know that I want the bonding (I have invested a lot of time and money in my natural teeth, so I wanted to keep them as long as possible). I thought they all got what I wanted but did not.
The best part came when the girl who bleached made my teeth wait in the room for about 10 minutes after I finished checking (I paid in advance so I did not know what I was waiting for). So, when I finally came out of the waiting room and arrived at the reception, the girl at the counters gave me the estimate for VENEERS. I was like you do not care about me. I already refused this procedure, so it’s pissing me off, so I left the clinic in a hurry. Since then, I have cancelled my next appointment to finish the job, and I found a doctor who will do the job I am looking for. Point blank this place is just for the money. I suggest finding a doctor you can trust. Doctor Jeffery W. Cross, DDS, and his non-cooperative staff at Frederick Maryland wasted my time and money. I do not think I can trust these people even if their work is good and decent.

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