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Jeeves Review


My wife as usual bought 6 shirt of mine to Jeeve at Bukit Timah Road on 18 Nov 2016 around 5pm for wash and received the most dreadful service imaginable. After passing the clothes to the shopkeeper, he told her about the price and wanting her to settle the account. When my wife asked for the invoice to examine the detail of the charges, she noticed one item which was being charged at higher than normal price. So naturally she asked, “what is this item?” The shopkeeper appeared to be annoyed and responded rudely “What is WHAT?” My wife pointed to the item and said “Why is this being charged higher?” The shopkeeper continue to show his annoyance and said “I told you before clothes with stains will be charged extra. Every time you come here you give me trouble asking the same question. If you had any issue with that, you could check directly with the office.” So my wife opted to pay during collection rather than upfront in this case and told him, “Okay then, I will check with the office and will pay during collection.” At the point, he threw my wife”s credit card on the table for her to pick up rather than handing back to her. That was already bad enough but the worst was yet to come. Then the shopkeeper went to take out 8 cleaned clothes for her to collect. My wife was surprised that he didn”t put the clothes into a plastic bag for her and asked for one. And she was shocked to hear his reply in an very rude tone “No bag anymore!” My wife asked again in surprise, “no bag? Do you have any carrier or used bag for me?”. He raised up his voice, “Yes! No Bag. That”s all I can help.” My wife was pretty upset by then and told him that she would file a complaint of him to Jeeves office. The shopkeeper said “Okay, go ahead. My name is XXX.” Unfortunately she could not remember his name, but he was the only male shopkeeper at the shop during that time. At the time, it was raining outside and my wife had to carry 8 clothes hanging on her arms without any plastic bag. She slipped and fell backward as a result in the middle of the pedestrian walkway. The clothes got swing out all over the wet pathway and she hit her head on the hard ground. She felt she must have lost conscious for a couple of seconds. Luckily there were other kind souls to help her out. I simply could not believe the total lack of service and attitude of that shopkeeper. He treated my wife not as a valued and regular customer but on the contrary he viewed her as someone who had given him trouble by simply inquiring why certain items was being charged higher. We had experience of using Jeeves in other countries and in such cases the shopkeeper would proactively inform us of certain items requiring a higher charge and explain the reasons. We were expecting the same level of service. However, for this particular shopkeeper, he just charged higher without ever informing her and turn hostile when my wife inquired about it. Of course as a customer we have the right to know how we are being charged. My wife was just asking why certain items were being charged higher and wasn”t even challenging him. As I said, such is the most dreadful experience my wife ever experienced in her life.

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