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22 September 2019

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The team at James Sly the Home Loan Guy didn’t give me what I wanted from the company. Best client’s service, the best communication and the best of charges of fees.
Overall, I didn’t get the best of everything as I had expected from the company.

There’s no best interest to clients at the company.
I didn’t get honesty nor an easy understanding of the process of paperwork.
I called the team several times for assistance and they ignored my calls and emails to the company.
There’s no professionalism in this company in all fields of work.
I didn’t see any good in this poorly managed office.
From the moment I had contact with James Sly the Home Loan Guy, I had frustration and disappointment in paperwork. The process takes weeks to confirm applications.
I didn’t appreciate the unfriendly staff at the front desk.
They didn’t bother to lift up their heads from the computers to greet me.
There’s no consideration for offering client’s service at James Sly the Home Loan Guy,
I didn’t have someone to assist me to step by step in needs of documentation.
It has been a difficult time to process information with the unskilled team.
In my experience at James Sly the Home Loan Guy, I didn’t see them value communications and understanding the relationships between client and company employees.
I saw no effort from the company to make clients feel happy and appreciative of their services.
The application deal didn’t feel like a breeze to me. The process took three weeks and there was no contact form the company to inform me of the progress in the loan application. I wasn’t approved of the loan due to incorrect details filled in the documentations.
The company didn’t provide me with new information about the progress in loan agreements. This isn’t pleasing to me and won’t recommend James Sly the Home Loan Guy, to people to have the same terrible experience.
I didn’t get professional working employees to assist me in paperwork. The process took longer than it should have, and this is from the unskilled and untrained staff they have at the company.
It is a stressful process when working with a team with no qualifications. I wasn’t happy with the teamwork and decided to go to another company. A professional company that would assist me with my needs positively and interestingly. I hired the worst mortgage broker and won’t go back there again!
I didn’t see a team member go of their way to make paperwork easy and positive for me. Personally, I don’t think you should go to this company for any finance deal.
There’s no mortgage deal for me from James Sly the Home Loan Guy because the negligent staff didn’t fill in the correct information and failed to contact me to fix the problem.
I learned from experience that without professionalism no company can survive long on the market. Don’t go to a company without research and clear advertising of the company.

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