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Gave an extremely strong anesthetic to my grandpa!

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15 September 2019

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James Olsen DDS PC claims to deliver one of the best services in town as they care about your child; they also claim to have one of the best equipment and procedure which are done for the safety of your mouth. The dentists are unable to communicate with the patients properly. It is among the most expensive clinics in town but the services are not worth it. I have been their patient once and trust me you can choose them if you hate yourself. They have some shitty policy that insurance cannot be claimed at James Olsen DDS PC. I took my grandpa there for a regular checkup. He was doing fine and I regret my decision of taking him there. For a checkup, the clinic charged us around a hundred dollars and even after paying that, they treated my grandpa like some animal or something. Kind-hearted people do not even do this to animals. First, cleanup does not need any anesthetic but my grandpa was given one I do not know why. And not just any regular anesthetic but a very strong one that made him weak for two days. He is 82 years old and weak but the clinic did not bother keeping that in mind. He is still recovering from the cleanup. His gums have swollen and now I am finding a better dentist for him; a dentist who would treat him with care.
Not just this but the environment of the clinic was not at all comforting and it would be better if I do not speak about the hygiene of the clinic and staff members. Whenever the health of your patient is a concern you should reach out to them and try to maintain a healthy relationship with them and clear up all the queries they had. But James Olsen DDS PC has not been able to do so. A lot of patients have faced communication problems including me. Like it took them three days to arrange an appointment and upon asking the reason, they were clueless. After the issue with my grandpa, I went to that place to complain about it. But those guys didn’t even bother to listen to me. They just told me that they were not the ones to blame and my grandpa’s health must’ve deteriorated for some other reason. They don’t apologize to the patients and are full of ego. If you’d ask me, I think that’s the worst attitude a dental clinic could have. And I was only talking to the dentist over there. I realized my mistake of going to that place and never went there again. If they don’t care about the health of an 80-year old, how can I trust them with my health? They are heartless monsters.
There have also been complaints from the patients that James Olsen DDS PC is not pursuing good techniques and procedure to treat their patients as they feel uncomfortable there.

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