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A Complete Waste Of Time

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date published
11 September 2019

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Maria Paulson

Dolphins are one of the most loving and intelligent creatures of aquatic life. I have two kids who love dolphins. After a long time, we were planning for a summer vacation trip. Therefore, last weekend we planned to see dolphins. My friend told me once about a place called Island Time Dolphin & Shelling Cruises. So, we decided to go there for a trip. On the trip kick-off day, after some necessary packing, we went there on Friday night. We have a plan for two days. I had also booked their boat called World Cat for the whole day.
I didn’t know Island Time Dolphin &* Shelling Cruises is such a pathetic company. If I had any idea about the way they treat their customers and the way they operate at the place, I would’ve avoided them at all costs. These guys are careless as hell and suck at everything they do.
On the first day, the tour was supposed to start with the boat ride. But, the owner Jessica Degraw gave us the news that all of a sudden the boat got defected somehow. We were furious at her. She told us that it was not her fault. Our weekend trip was already devastated on the very first day because of that stupid cheap boat. We waited for a long time for that weekend and all we got was a disappointment. My kids wanted to see some dolphin action. To please them, I told my kids that the next day would be amazing and full of fun. I told them that the next day, surely, we would be able to see some dolphins. But, I was wrong, another disappointment was standing there for us. The very next day too, we got the news that the dolphin got sick, so they had to send the dolphin to somewhere for the treatment. I was thinking what the hell was going on at that place. I paid for the boat, and the boat got dysfunctional. My kids wanted to see the dolphin and it got sick all of sudden. Everything was just turning into a failure. My kids were furious at me. Well, they should be. Because after all, it was my fault in the first place that I did not read any reviews about that place before making the decision. In the end, they were all successful in ruining my special weekend with my family.
We came home without any weekend fun. I wanted my money back, so when I called them, she did not answer any of my phone calls. She was ignoring me. I went there and asked for a refund, and she refused to meet me. They have very poor customer care unit. Believe me, this resort is not meant for spending some quality time with your family. My advice is to check proper reviews of any vacation place before planning a trip over there.

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