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Couldn’t even install braces

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24 September 2019

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I noticed that because of having raised-up teeth, my daughter faced many problems. Apart from all the bullying at school, she also suffered from problems while talking and eating. She snored when she slept and when she tried saying anything, her voice came out interruptedly. Due to all these factors, I decided to get braces installed to get rid of the problems. I did not about any dentistry clinics for children and therefore I searched online for nearby clinics. After a while, my eyes fell upon the name of Irvine Orthodontics and Children’s Dentistry. I read a few reviews and the place seemed fine enough. After going through the achievements of all the doctors listed on the official website, I was convinced that the place was good enough for me and my kid to go there. I did not waste any more time and schedule an appointment. I was given a slot for the very next day and I was thankful. Being a mother, it is probably the hardest thing to see your kid suffer. The next day, around 3 P.M., I reached the clinic with my daughter. There was no space to sit and thus we had to stand for almost an hour. The receptionist refused to bring an extra chair for my kid. We had no choice but to wait. While waiting, I could not help but notice some staff members laughing at a dyslexic kid. It disgusted me. As I was about to say something to them, I was called into the doctor’s cabin.
He inspected the teeth and wrote something down in his notebook. For reasons unknown, he also did an X-Ray of my daughter’s teeth. After thinking for some time, he wrote down a list of things on his prescription pad and handed it out to me and told me to buy the medicines listed and come back at a later date (after 5 days). I bought all the medicines listed out of which two were special kinds of toothpaste. It was unusual but I followed the doctor’s instructions.
After 5 days, I went back to the clinic. The doctor was ready with all the required equipment. I was ordered to stand aside as the process was going to hurt. He applied some cream on the teeth and rubbed it off after some time. He rubbed it off so aggressively that he hurt the upper gum of my daughter’s teeth. I held him to comfort her but I was shouted at for being so ‘weak’. He then applied an adhesive while smelled the worst. He gave it some time to dry off and then installed the braces. The braces had not been put in place properly as there were evident gaps. When I pointed this out, I was ordered to go out of the cabin. After a while, I was called back in and told to take my daughter and go home as the process had been completed. I could see the braces dangling so I took her to another clinic and got her braces fixed.
I would not recommend anyone to ever go to that place. I do not want anyone to make the same mistake I did.

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