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Filthy! Extremely dirty place!

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24 September 2019

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I had facial hair removal at Ireland Beauty and didn’t have all the hair removed. Most of the tiny hairs weren’t removed and it didn’t feel comfortable having the procedure.
Their treatment didn’t feel thorough and complete. I lay on a small bare bed and expected a better comfortable bed.
My experience at the clinic felt a rip-off. There’s no fresh clean linen and the bed didn’t smell fresh and clean.
There weren’t clean towels, covers, and equipment in working order. I sat on the bed to be comfortable and had the hair removal and not all the hair was removed.
The experience made me feel discomfort and unpleasantness while in the procedure. The whole time I was at the clinic I felt disappointment with services, and atmosphere at Ireland Beauty.
At the front desk, I saw the unfriendly office workers and how unhappy they are in their jobs.
The laid-back lifestyle at the beauty clinic and don’t think of the customer’s service and off keeping facilities super clean. Facilities aren’t clean and are a turn off for me.
I lay on a small uncomfortable for facial hair removal and noticed the dust on floors and on other furniture. This has shown me the disrespect towards customers.
There’s no interest in making a customer feel at their best at the clinic during procedures and for good measure.
Nothing gets done to please a customer and nobody bothers to assist a customer in the treatment room.
I have given up on the clinic for treatment at Ireland Beauty and wish I hadn’t gone there in the first place. I had no pleasure in my visit and wasted money there.
Ireland Beauty doesn’t give customers comfortable beds, and pleasant procedures. The treatment of facial hair removal is up to no good for customers.
There’s no confidence in the working team and I see no professionalism in their services to customers. I didn’t experience luxury and peaceful surroundings at the clinic.
My moment in the facial hair removal didn’t show me professionalism from Ireland Beauty.
I didn’t get quality at the Spa and didn’t feel relaxed during the hair removal treatment. It is these moments that made me feel insecure about other treatment provided by the team at Ireland Beauty.
The various beauty treatment didn’t encourage me to go back there again. My facial hair looks odd from the poor laser treatment I had at the Spa.
I don’t recommend the Spa for the negative experience I had there. I don’t want other people to experience their no quality of treatment with low quality of equipment and the terrible services I had from the front desk.
No one should go through negative experiences from a professional company and I don’t see professionalism at Ireland Beauty. You should go and look for other places where the staff is professional and the place is reputed. Ireland Beauty is just full of garbage, which I don’t think is a rational choice to make when you just want to feel relaxed.

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