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I got away from there because the atmosphere was quite hostile. 

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02 September 2019

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I have always been a freaky traveller and this time was making plans for a trip. My SUV needed a tune-up and several other problems needed to be fixed. I had less time on hand and was about to leave in the next few days. I searched upon for the best car service centres in town and zeroed down my concerns to the Iowa City Tire and Service. Their website was very much pleasing and the ambience of the place seemed great as well. Things didn’t turn out well in the centre itself. I got myself appointed online for the next day.

I went into the place and asked one of the techs to lead me to the manager’s room to which he replied that he was very busy and had a lot of work. This was the first bad impression of this place. Then a funny-looking guy drove right in front of me with his car, I almost got hit by his fucking car. He was smoking weed and was probably a crackhead. I then shouted at him but he didn’t pay attention and went away. Finally, I reached the manager’s room to talk about the appointment I made last evening. The manager was not at all friendly because whenever I tried to explain to him about my long journey trip, he used to cut me off and tell me to talk directly to the mechanic. He then booked a mechanic and ordered me to wait until he arrived. The lobby was very dirty and greasy. The mechanic came after a long wait. He then checked my vehicle and started working on it. When I tried to ask him about the information regarding the problems, he replied in a rather rude tone that he knows what’s wrong and what’s right but he has no time to explain the same. So he requested me to let him do his work in peace.

I requested the mechanic to call me back when the work gets done. It was midnight and I still didn’t receive any call, therefore, I called them the next morning to check if my tune-up was completed or not. No one picked up the call so I decided to go to the place the next morning and get the car myself. The next morning turned out to be horrible as I was given a bill which was far more expensive than I thought. I asked them about the changes made so that I could tally. They refused to tell me about the changes being made. Nevertheless, my car was running smoothly after everything was done to it. The staff members and the managers were not at all friendly and they were totally ignorant. Please take your business elsewhere and not here. Take it to a place where customers are treated well. Iowa City Tire and Service pisses off their customer so please stay away from these assholes.

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