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It was probably the biggest disappointment I had ever faced.

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02 September 2019

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For some people, a car is just a machine. For me, it has always been a lot more than that because I had to work really hard to buy one. It did not just fell in my lap. After giving my 100% at work every single day for almost 6 years, I had managed to save enough to buy my dream vehicle – A Mercedes Benz. Being the ‘funky’ guy that I am, I decided to get my car customized and make it look cooler than it already was. The very first thing I got done was get it wrapped in a camouflage print. Since childhood, I had a different sense of style and a vision of the result of my choices, So when the car got back after being wrapped, I saw that it was exactly as I had imagined it to be.
The next thing that I did was got neon lights. Neon Green lights added a certain charm to the already overflowing charisma of my car. The second last thing was getting the rims changed. After it was all done, it did not seem complete and so the final new addition that I decided was going to be was Window Tint. I had already spent so much money but I did not want to hold back for one last thing. Therefore, I decided to look for reputed window tinting shops. After a few weeks of research, I found out about ‘Interamerican Window Tinting’. I decided to take my car there after reading about them online.
On reaching the place, I was not paid much attention to. After some hours of waiting, I finally was fortunate enough to get one employee’s attention. He did not seem to care much about how much important the car was to me as all he did while I told him about it was be on his phone and watch videos of cats. I realized his lack of interest and thus decided to get straight down to business. I told him ’bout the shade of the tint I wanted. After listening to me explaining the whole thing to him three times, he simply nodded. I parked the car in their space and went home. I was told that I would be given a call when the work was done.
Usually, these processes do not take more than one week but the ‘reputed’ place did not call me for two weeks. Tired of waiting, I gave them a call myself. On asking about the car, the man on the phone replied that it is done. I was a bit bewildered given the fact that I had not been called. Would they have never called me if I had not given them a call? Well, after two weeks of waiting, I decided to just go there instantly and bring my car back home.
I went there and I could believe my eyes. The tint’s shade was blue. It was FREAKING BLUE! After having told them so many times, BLUE is what I got. Moreover, there were scratches on the window that were visible from far away. I had to get it redone somewhere else. My recommendation – Do not ever go to Interamerican Window Tinting unless you want to get your car spoiled.

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