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11 September 2019

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I have a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD. During summers at 213,000 miles meter reading, my car started having issues in starting and it was a real pain in the ass. I wanted to save some bucks so I searched eBay and found a set of ‘’remanufactured injectors’’. I checked the seller’s ( injectors direct) feedback and the warranty for the injectors. I purchased the injectors and got them installed. The very next day when I started the car while leaving for work a heavy black smoke came out of it, it seemed like my car had a blown head gasket. Though the smoke started to settle down when I stopped the car. I thought about giving my car a little break and tried starting it again in the evening, My car immediately had a fuel knock. Fuel knock is caused when air/fuel mixture inside a cylinder is not correct. I never had such problems before clueless enough, I sent my car to the nearest garage and they informed me that I had 3 bad injectors in it. I called up Injectors direct and complained the owner about the problem my car was having but he told me that there is nothing he can do about this as the warranty for these injectors might have already ended and If I needed some further investigation he would test each injector at the cost of $ 60. I was very frustrated when he was lying so confidently as there’s no way 90-day warranty could have ended in just 2 weeks. He just wanted to make some extra money and was probably trying to fool me again. I ignored him and went on to replace these injectors with new ones from another garage. The injectors I got from Injectors were too bad and their flow rates and return rates were below standard. Unfortunately, I had bought a total of 5 and injected 3 in my car. At this point, I felt very cheated and attempted to find the address of Injectors from google. While researching I found out that there is a guy who is doing this online business and working from his garage which is right next to his house, Probably he is too afraid to meet people face to face as he’s a scam artist. I sent the two leftover injectors to be tested by another company and they told me that when they connected the injectors to the machine to test them, one of them immediately leaked and the other one had very high return rates. They had been remanufactured a long time back and no proper work was done to the valves inside, that’s why damaged only within a week.90-day The warranty was bullshit! I want to warn others not to make such a mistake, These injectors is a scam artist. I wanted to sue them badly but my lawyer advised me not to waste my time. However, I learned my lesson and hope you all do too after reading my story. From now onwards I would never prefer quantity over quality!

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