Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation [IRCTC]

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Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation [IRCTC] Review

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation [IRCTC]

I was new to computer & internet and as such I had registered my name with IRCTC with several user IDS within a span ranging from one week to one year.However, once I got reasonably familiear with computer & internet, I started using ‘jagan-uma’ as the user id since middle of 2008.On 22.03.2010, when I tried to book my ticket with IRCTC online passenger reservation website, I could not log in and I tried various options like the ‘forgot password hint questions & answers but in vain.Ultimately, I sent e-mails to IRCTC and to my shock, I had a message that my user ID has been deactivated and that even the e-tickets booked could be cancelled by IRCTC.This is unfair in that IRCTC could have sent a warning message that I should not have registered moe than once with my e-mail ID or should have given me an opportunity to explain/plead my ignorance as to why I had created so may ids with my e-mail id. 2.I had advised IRCTC the various IDS I had registered with them and requested to cancel/deactivate all user IDS except the one I have been using for the past 1 1/2 years ie jagan-uma’. I do not get any reasonable response from IRCTC in that while my user id has been ‘jagan-uma’ with whice I have been booking e-tickets with IRCTC, now they say they donot find any such user id in their records and advise me to give case sensitive user ID. I am sure that my user ID with IRCTC is ‘jagan-uma’ only and to substantiate that I append below the communication received from IRCTC . Dear Jagannathan Samarao, Welcome. We thank you for your registration at IRCTC’ s Online Rail Ticket Reservation website. Your user id is ‘jagan-uma’. You will use this user id and the password given by you for all your transaction on The user id cannot be changed and hence we recommend that you store this email for your future reference. If you ever forget your password in future, you can use the ‘Forgot Password’ link available on the Home page of the site. We understand that you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions as applicable for transactions on our site. You can now make up to 10 rail reservations (up to a maximum of 6 passengers per ticket) in one calendar month. You can refer to any of these convenient links given below to assist you in your transactions on our site. 1. How to book tickets online? 2. Information about courier delivery. 3. Cancellation Procedure. 4. Frequently asked questions. 5. Great Complimentary Gifts Every Week . We hope to offer you a uniquely pleasant experience in planning and booking your journeys with the Indian Railways. We look forward to having you use our services regularly. In case you require any further assistance, please mail us at [protected] or call us at 011 – [protected] / [protected] / [protected] / [protected] / [protected] . 4. I have to undertake a journey on 20.04.2010 from Coimbatore to Bangalore and I presume that IRCTC has cancelled that ticket since I am not able to take a printout frm my Gmail message received from IRCTC on booking of e-ticket. Please treat the matter as MOST URGENT and address my problems.I had made my representaions to the undernoted officials of the IRCTC ie [protected], [protected] etc. I would have sent at least about 15 messages since 22.03.2010 but has not received any posotive progress except asking me to confirm that I have furnished the correct case sensitive user id ‘jagan-uma’ which frustrates me. Yours faithfully, S JAGANNATHAN “


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