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24 September 2019

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Being a photographer, I can tell you that there are always better lenses available in the market. Mobile phone photography is for beginners but when you want to build a career out of your passion, you need to be well-stacked with proper supplies for the job. I too turned my passion into my job. After doing a famous collaboration with a fellow creator, I could not help but be fascinated by the lens he used. I will not go into details but seeing the lens which looked so professional and classy at the same time, I decided to buy myself a ‘professional’ lens. I looked at the prices of some lenses I had shortlisted both online and at retail stores and I was getting better deals online. So, I decided to buy the lens online. I also did not want to buy a lens before trying it for some time and therefore I decided to search for websites renting out lenses for a specific period. I searched online for such a place and found out about IE Photo Rentals. Although the rates were not at all cheap, I decided to rent a lens from that place because of some reviews.
I took a week to research properly. I wanted a wide-angle lens for my Sony a7rIII. I looked at all the options available and compared all of them. One of the lenses finally caught my attention. As I was going for a short trip, I thought that it would be perfect for testing the lens and thus I placed the request for renting the lens for 4 days. I collected the lens from their place. I found that there were already several scratches on them. Although the lens seemed old, I decided not to think too much of its appearance and test it out. I went on my trip. Although the lens was good, a few scratches on the mirror covering the lens made the photos look bad. After testing out the lens, I concluded that I would check out some other lenses before finally opting for one. I came back home and went to drop off the lens. When I went there, I saw the bill amount and was astonished. I was charged for an extra day even though I had mentioned online that I would be returning the lens after 4 days. When I told the person there this, I was fed some bullshit about takes and some other piece of crap. They tried justifying their insanity by providing me with shitty justifications. I could not believe it. I had to pay them despite being punctual.
I had decided to try out some more lenses from their place but after this incident, I did not have the heart to do it. My advice is that if you ever want to rent out lenses, go to any other place except IE Photo Rentals. If you end up going there, you would be robbed off your hard-earned money by getting served with crappy reasons and ‘policies’ for the extra charges.

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