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ICore Canada | Harassment due to ongoing phone calls

Harassment due to ongoing phone callsBefore careful of Icore Canada! And Fido cell phone company.Some how Icore got my cell # from Fido. They have been calling my house for the past 2 years, regarding a tenant which she had move out long time ago. I kept telling them that she was no long @ the address, but Icore Canada still kept calling. This morning, Icore Canada call my cell phone. There is no way that Icore could of have my cell phone #. So I call Fido, Fido said they can’t do any thing. For sure, Fido had slip information out, otherwise Icore would have no way calling my cell phone. I think I will change my cell phone company, Fido being so irresponable!!!

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  1. Alexandria Bridwell May 24, 2020

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