ICICI Bank - Canada

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ICICI Bank - Canada | Very poor administration

I have an RRSP GIC account with ICICI bank. This year I wanted to add $2, 000 to it upon maturity. I sent in my cheque with instructions.It has been two months and the cheque still is not processed. No one can tell me if they have it or not.I kept calling and getting put on hold with no explanation ever resulting.I ended up having to borrow another $2, 000 from my credit card to make my RRSP contribution in time for the March 31st deadline. While of course still leaving the $2, 000 in my bank account if and when ICICI bank ever decides to complete the transaction.I have been waiting two months now with this $2, 000 in my bank account not getting any interest on it. Still waiting. No response to my email. And the 5 or 6 phone conversations resulted in no progress.It seems their is no notes left from the last time I talked to someone because I have to keep saying the same thing over and over.I really give up. I think I will put a stop payment on the cheque and get my GIC out of their when it comes due next year.For goodness sake I am trying to make a deposit and their administration is so poor they can’t even figure out how to take my money.Ok, I better stop now… my eye is beginning to twitch.

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