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Avoid this place at all costs.

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08 September 2019

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Whenever someone faces a health-related issue people become slightly careful about it and they choose one of the best clinics to treat them especially when it’s a hygiene problem. You expect the staff to be friendly with so that you won’t feel agitated while receiving your treatment. Horizon West Dental Alliance claims to be a great clinic but that’s just it. Apart from their fake claims, they have nothing to offer. I have seen how terrible they are and I’m not the only one. Several customers have reported about the worst experience they had at Horizon West Dental Alliance and they were badly disappointed by the whole team. Various customer review websites have also rated them poor in their services.
My experience was no different than the others. I had a cavity in my gums around the molars. I wanted it to be treated as soon as possible by the best dentist in town. I searched a lot and finally, I made my decision which was the ‘best’ decision anyone could make. Horizon West Dental Alliance claims a lot of good stuff like hygienic environment, good dentists, etc. but none of this is true. I was fooled by their website too like a lot of other patients. First, I could not get an appointment because the receptionist was too tired to give me one. I somehow got the appointment after a lot of convincing but after the treatment, I could not regret any of my decisions more than this one. The overall environment of the clinic was depressing and I got anxious when the dentist called me for treatment. I recovered from the anxiety part as my gums were hurting like hell and to be honest I did not have a choice but to get the treatment. I do not know what kind of drug was given to me that I could not get out of bed for two days. I felt so sleepy as if I had cocaine in my system. After two days of a sleepy and drowsy feeling, I gathered myself and got up to check the infection in my gums. I was shocked to see it growing. Even if you have given me an overdose by mistake, at least the infection should have been controlled in two days. But my ‘best’ choice made it even worse. Anger, rage, and regret are my emotions for Horizon West Dental Alliance. All they want is money and nothing else. Make sure you stay away from these bastards.
Dental clinics like Horizon West Dental Alliance never care for patient’s health; customers have said that they have untrained professionals. I don’t think it’s safe for any person to trust these guys. You might end up putting your dental health at risk just by giving a visit to the dentists here. Not only will they harm your teeth and gums through their negligent treatments but they will also charge you heavily for doing the same.

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