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24 September 2019

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Honda Kingsport isn’t a professional company for broken promises and doesn’t keep to their word as they claim to from advertisements.
I called the company for details and other information but got no reply for days from them and don’t see plan and organization from Honda Kingsport.
New vehicles are nice to have but to buy a vehicle at Honda Kingsport you won’t find the best deals and best services for you as the customer.
It was a disappointment for me that I didn’t get what I read in the agreement of dealing at Honda Kingsport. I found hidden fees and lack of leadership in this company. A new purchase of car showed me extra maintenance and I wasn’t surprised.
I don’t see trained technicians and trained staff at Honda Kingsport and don’t believe in their agreements as they signed for the client.
The dealership isn’t fair to clients in agreements and charges of hidden fees. Paperwork is a snail-process and didn’t make me feel satisfied with other documentation. I don’t appreciate the weakness in staff workmanship I experienced there. At the offices, I felt unwelcome and no pleasant staff to chat to of new car dealership agreements.
My car didn’t have the perfect comfort seats and didn’t sound good. I refused the deal and didn’t go back there for other choices of vehicles. I didn’t experience the work of a qualified team and staff aren’t knowledgeable of cars. The understaffed team didn’t give me a positive experience at Honda Kingsport.
The service I got from the company didn’t make my stay a pleasant and informative stay and had to go for a better dealership to other companies. Business deals complicate buyers and don’t give satisfaction to buyers. I felt ripped-off with hidden charges and couldn’t deal with this company longer.
The terrible services from Honda Kingsport weren’t planned in detail and there’s no patience with clients.
I don’t appreciate the bad services of this company. The high payments aren’t affordable nor acceptable from the company.
I felt stressed and discontinued the attempt of documentation from the unpleasant staff I worked with there.
It’s a drag for paperwork and for the poor communication I had and it didn’t make my head lighter. The unresponsive team don’t have skills and aren’t communicative when you need them by your side. I had no guidance from the dealership and didn’t feel the need to stay with the company.
The short experience showed me negative aspects of this car dealership and learned a lesson here. I won’t recommend Honda Kingsport to clients for the untrained staff they have and bad communication skills I experienced and for the unclearly written car agreements.
It’s of no interest to me to recommend a company which has no good client’s service and of no pleasant manners. This company has turned down my hopes for the purchase of a new car. I don’t want others to have bad experience from this car dealership. Don’t go to Honda Kingsport for their terrible services!

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