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I could not believe how effortlessly I was fooled by Hometown Garage.

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09 September 2019

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I had a terrible experience with the people at Hometown Garage. These guys have no idea how to behave with the customers or how to even fix the car they are given. These people are a bunch of lunatics and a bunch of chumps. They don’t know anything about their trade. I wonder how they are even able to run a place like this. I would suggest you avoid this place at all costs so you don’t have to endure what I did. I don’t think anyone needs to go through such a terrible experience. These people are nothing but scammers. They took away my well-working engine and replaced with a trashy one. Let me share my whole experience so you can understand what happened:
I travel a lot. While I was on my way back from an outing there was a loud sound and the car stopped running. I took it the official service centre but they told me that they did not have the parts to repair the engine. Since I had a very important upcoming trip for which I had already made reservations, I could not afford to wait and therefore decided to look for other trusted companies or shops who could fix the car.
I started looking for a reputed shop and made a list of names of shops that seemed suitable to me. Out of all of them, I chose to go for Hometown Garage as I was assured the quickest service on the phone when I talked with them. I went down to the place and after checking the car, I was told by the mechanic that the engine would need replacement. I told him to fit only an original one and I was assured of the quality. It took them a week to finish the job and since they did it on short notice, I was asked for extra money which I happily gave because they had fixed the car before the trip started. I was honestly surprised when there did not seem to be any problem in the car when I went to receive it at their shop. I thanked God for being so kind and left the garage happily.
It had not even been three days into the trip when the car suddenly broke down in the middle of an unknown road. I had to push the car myself for some distance to reach the nearest mechanic’s shop. After checking the car and engine, he told me that the engine that had been installed was an old and rusty one and since the car barely had any stops for the past few days, the engine got totalled.
I had to get a proper new engine which cost me the same amount again that I had been charged at Hometown Garage. I would recommend you all to never, ever take your car to Hometown Garage for even a checkup unless you want to spend your hard-earned money for a 3rd class service.

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