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Home Depot Prince George Canada | Horrible service

I have recently been shopping around for tile and bath tubs. I have gone into Home Depot more than once and I must say, I am VERY happy that I have not bought anything from them. First of all, even if I did want to buy anything from them I couldn’t because no one would help me. Apparently my money is not good enough! Also in the past my husband had to yell “Can anyone help me” at the top of his lungs to get someone to stop and ask him if he needed any help. Yesterday we were in Home Depot looking at bath tubs, and after looking for some one who worked there for 10 minutes found a nice young man. He was very informative but not in bath tubs. He let us know that he had no clue about warrenties, installation ect. In fact he told us he didn’t really care because hockey season is starting soon and he was much more interested in that. The one lady that he found for us that did know something about the bath tub we were interested in left us to find out some information and never came back. As we were leaving the store we saw her chatting with other customers. I know we are a young couple (24 years old) but we know how to save money for things we want and that day we had money to spend that we have saved. I am glad to know that Home Depot will NEVER get a cent out of my pockets.

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