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16 September 2019

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Hollywood wax museum is very famous for its work. It’s a place where you can see Hollywood celebrities wax figures. But, now what I am going to tell you is a different story. Just like everyone, I was also getting crazy to see this museum. So, I checked the relevant reviews about the museum and every review was marked as 4-5 stars. But, honestly speaking, don’t ever trust reviews unless you try your own experience. One fine day, I went to the museum to have experienced myself. At the ticket counter, an old woman was sitting there but her behaviour was quite rude and unacceptable. Before my turn there was a lady, standing in front of the counter, buying tickets for her family. Her husband is in military, she came along with her husband and children and was asking the old woman for the military discount which was not given to them without any reason, even they had military ID too but still they visited the place without any discount and not only that they also had to face the rude behaviour of that old woman sitting on the counter. Was it fair? No not at all! Then came my turn, and that woman treated me in the same way as she treated that family. I got angry and instead of buying the ticket, I went to the office and lodged a complaint against that woman. Finally, I got my ticket, after their office intervention, and entered into the museum. The ticket price was too high but as it was my first visit there, so I thought the museum would be good just like the higher price of that place. I visited the whole museum and saw all the wax figures of Hollywood celebrities. The shocking thing for me was that though some of the wax figures were looking alike real Hollywood celebrities like, Johnny Balboa, Terminator, Snoop Dog, etc., but most of the figures were looking creepy, over-made and inaccurate. Even their faces didn’t match with the faces of real celebrities. One more thing, which I faced that there was no staff present on any floor except office where I went to for complaint and there were only 5 employees present in that office. For such places, the relevant staff members must be present on each floor so that they can guide you through but there was an opposite situation on that day. So, I wasted most of my day and in reward, I found nothing except creepy wax creatures. This place is overpriced and I don’t know why people love this place so much.
I wasted my money and time and after coming back from that museum I was blaming myself. So my advice for the whole management of Hollywood Wax Museum is that you should do some effort on your wax figures and your staff should be present on each floor. If you improve your mistakes then more people will come to your place!

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