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Hollister | Terrible service - credit card charged twice!

I haven’t been in a Hollister store in a long time, so I went in. I found a pair of jeans that fit pretty well, and I bought them without thinking about the fact that I was spending more than what I usually spend on jeans. Anyway, I got home and came to my senses and decided that they were going back to the store. I took them back to the store the following week. I told them I wasn’t satisfied with the product and it looked like I was getting a refund. I gave them my credit card and I signed their little paper saying that they were giving me a refund. Everything looked like it was going the way it should, until I checked my credit card statement. That’s when I find out that instead of giving me a refund they instead charged my account, AGAIN. So I call the store. A girl answers the phone with “What’s up, its Kaitlyn at Hollister”. Which company answers the phone with “what’s up”? I explain the situation, give them my receipt numbers and my contact info and am promised that I will be called back within two days. I wait the two days. No call. I call back. When I ask to speak to the manager, I’m put on hold for 10 minutes. I hang up. I call back and a manager is there to answer the phone. She is nice enough, but insists that I need to come back to the store. I agree. When I go back, the same manager is there. She easily reverses the charges that were put on my card, and says that the problem that I experienced happens to many others as well, and she can’t do anything else except reverse the charges. No apology. No accountability. She did not even offer to give me a coupon or a discount for future use. NOTHING! I was charged $160 for merchandise I didn’t even have, and she couldn’t even offer me a discount to appease my anger. Nothing! Terrible customer service. Will never set foot in a Hollister or Abercrombie Fitch store again! I wanted to yell at everyone else in the store about what a terrible company Hollister is!!!

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