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Hollister Review

Beware of Hollister

I was at the Hollister store at Garden state plaza in paramus NJ. I picked up a core fleece for myself, and had an item to exchange for my dad. at first, I gave the cashier a new item for exchange. However, the price was too high that I told the cashier to wait and brought an another item, which was equal in price, and exchanged the item. then I paid for the price for my fleece and waited until the cashier put the items in the bag. Once the cashier gave the bag to me, I checked the bag to make sure. However, my newly bought fleece was nowhere in the bag. Instead, there was a yellow men’s fleece which I previously returned because of its expensiveness. So, I checked my receipt, and there was my fleece which I paid for. So, I told the cashier that she gave me the wrong item, and the cashier even checked the receipt. Then she was telling me that I have to go back to the line and wait for my turn to get my item back. I was like it is not I who made the mistake but you. But she constantly told me to go back to the line and I got so angry. Then the manager came and she looked at my receipt, then in a rude voice, the told me is this the item you returned, so I told her yes. Then she aggressively put the correct item on the cahsier desk and walked away laughing with the dumb cahsier. I went out and decided not to buy anything in that store where employees do not respect their customers.


  1. Veronica Mehan May 25, 2020
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  19. Dolly Turlich May 25, 2020
  20. Carrol Maguet May 25, 2020
  21. Andra Schermerhorn May 25, 2020

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