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In July of 2010 I placed a custom doll order with this firm in the amount of $1, 800. The owner, Emil Vicale kept asking me for more money to complete the doll. I gave him another $600. By October, when the doll did not arrive I contacted Vicale. He made excuses. I wanted a refund. He made more excuses. Finally I threatened him with legal action. Instead of a refund Vicale started emailing me nasty naked pictures of himself. (The pictures were just gross.) Finally I got law enforcement involved. After about two months of haggling Vicale agreed to refund my money which he never did. Eight months later he is still emailing me nudes of himself and still no refund. Trying to put a stop to this guy is nearly impossible. It amazes me he is still in business but he is.

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  1. Temika Heutmaker May 25, 2020

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