Hawthorne Kitchens Trevor Augustyn

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Hawthorne Kitchens Trevor Augustyn | Kitchen Renovations

I bit my tongue for too long. I cannot help but agree with all of the complaints below. Wow, the similiarities are mind boggling. Over promise and under deliver, taking big deposits with little work to show for (my goodness this is where the problem starts – he now has you by the you know what), impossible to contact, doesn’t return phone calls, if he recognizes your tele# he will not answer, the ultimate spin artist (you pay him 90% of the job, he is 4 months over the due date, all the above happens, and he makes you feel like you are in the wrong – he is a MASTER at this!!! I cannot stress this enough).Run the other way, BUYER BEWARE is the only advice I can offer you all.

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