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The workers of this place are not to be trusted. Please stay away!

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09 September 2019

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I was recently building a new house, it was a few months before shifting when I had a horrible experience with the Hardison Window Tinting. Household finishing, modular kitchen and the painting of the walls were already done. The only thing left was the fitting of window fibre. Since I have spent a lot of money on decorating my dream house, I thought it was obvious to put up the most expensive and the most attractive quality of window fibre. The decoration of my house was done by the most reputed companies in the town and the tinting would also be done by the same. Therefore, I started searching out for the best window tinting company both online and offline. I was confused by the tempting offers by several companies and after doing a lot of research about the Hardison Window Tinting I found it to be the most pleasing of all.
I made an appointment with the manager and asked him about the payment methods. I didn’t want any trouble with the payment so I paid them in advance. The manager seemed happy and gave me the timing for the next day. The workers were expected to come and take the measurement the next day. I had an important meeting which I cancelled just for them but unluckily they didn’t show up the other day and I was very pissed off. Being disappointed by the manager I called him up. He didn’t pick up the call at first. I ringed him a lot of time but he didn’t receive the call. He finally called after sometimes and told me that he would send his workers the next day positively. I waited for them and they didn’t come on time again, I was about to leave for the window tinting company to cancel my order when I saw them approaching. They came in and measured the windows. I explained to them about the exact quality to be put up and made them write it down so that they don’t make a mistake during the time of fitting. Usually, the window tinting takes a maximum of a 10 day time but it was already 7 days and they just took the measurement.
They came back again after a week to complete their job. It was no sooner they started I noticed that the workers were inexperienced and were thinking a lot before fixing the glass to the window pane. They even dropped the glass thrice, just because it was of a good quality it wasn’t damaged. They finally completed their work. I inspected their work and found too many mistakes. The fitting was a bit loose and the windowpane made a strange noise while in a movement. There were a couple of scratches on the glass which was noticeable from a far off distance. All these flaws made it look ugly. The work of the Hardison Window Tinting was not satisfying. I had to do extra polishing on the glass to hide the flaws. From the next time, I will choose a reputed company than choosing the Hardison Window Tinting.

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