Hanover police

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Hanover police | Urgent

I have bailed a teen out of jail he was going with my fiance to get a coffe before his cerfew was up in time they were less the 100 feet away from our home and the hanover police pulled him over I seen them from my bathroom I took my kids out of their bath to go to the car i told the teen to come home with me he told me the police told everyone to stay put so i put my son in thr car seat that made my daughter upset so i was running acroos the raod to get her suckie by the time i got out of the house they had the teen arrested i was only acroos the road this is not right my daughter needed her suckie and there was no room for me in the car to wait there with them i am going to go to the court house monday morning to get him back out but he is black balled with the cops here in hanover and i feel this is wrong they pulled my fiance over in the car bafore 9 pm and kept them there for 30 minutes then arrested this teen

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