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Tried to dupe me with a broke car

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22 September 2019

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Groove Mazda disappointed me when I tried to contact the company for a car purchase. I waited three days for a quote, and nobody got back to me.
I wasn’t satisfied with buying a car from the moment I got myself in the deal. Visited the company and had a look at my car for purchase.
It was in bad condition. Moreover, those guys had added hidden fees to my bill so that they can charge me further. I guess no one buys from this place so the only options available in their inventory are old and trashy.
They planned to sell me a car overpriced and with no proper agreement.
The car had old tires and no firm grips, and the interior of the car was ripped off along the inside of the doors. Seats were uncomfortable and wasn’t cleaned. Everything in the car gave me a bad impression. Broken promises and delayed car deals got me an old car and no deal here for me.
The team has no training to satisfy a customer’s needs. I experienced poor customer’s service, and terrible communications from the team of updated information as I had requested.
I didn’t make an upfront payment towards the car and glad I didn’t because it was in bad condition, I didn’t think it would be good to pay for that car. I discontinued my services with the company to move on to professional car dealers.
The process of a quote and car conditions aren’t good and valuable to clients. They try to make you feel good in the beginning, and when you get caught up in paperwork you realize that you are buying an old car. It isn’t worth the money you pay at the company and I don’t advise you to buy a car from Groove Mazda.
There’re hidden fees and I saw that at this company in the agreement of car purchases. The team doesn’t mention this clue and I found that odd, these companies are for money and have no interest in the care of clients.
I learned information about this company and realized they scam clients for hidden fees.
My first impression of buying a Mazda sounded perfect but when I saw the old Mazda offered to me, I changed my mind to buy here.
High charges didn’t get me my car and the terrible condition of the car is unacceptable! I don’t see high trained staff at Groove Mazda and no trust in this company.
Groove Mazda disappointed me in their unresponsive emails and telephone calls. I didn’t feel they had a professional team to inform clients about the new information about the company. This dealership isn’t worthy of clients and is no place to spend your money. Mazda cars aren’t convenient for clients it builds rust and ruins the interior in three months of purchase.
I don’t recommend Groove Mazda for rust build up in their cars and for terrible services, I had from the company. Don’t go to an unprofessional company such as this one for a car and you’ll be fine.

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