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Greyhound | Endangering a child, extortion

My grandchildren spent Christmas 2008 in Calgary with their father. On Dec, 28 2008 my grandchildren tried to get back to Vancouver BC using their return tickets. My 14 year old grandaughter lost her ticket. The agents at the Calgary bus depot would not let her on the bus. Her 17 and 19 year old brothers raised hell and security guards were called. They confirmed that the brothers had tickets as three return tickets had been paid for the confirmation number was confirmed. My grandsons explained that their sister was the third ticket but the ticket agents would not let her on nor would the bus driver. This began about 3 hours where the Calgary office demanded another ticket be paid for but would not take my credit card over the phone, nor would they allow my 19 year old grandson to buy a ticket using my credit card number at the counter. They stating I had to call the ticket purchase number instead. I did that and after suffering through the pathetically long list of choices I got a female in Texas who wasted even more time before telling me it was too late to buy a ticket. Now we had a 14 yr old minor child being left in a city where we know absolutely nobody and even though grey hound was attempting to extort another ticket sale from me, then tried to prevent me from doing just that.Finally, my grandson went to a computer terminal in the Calgary bus terminal and purchased a ticket on line for the 11:30 pm departure (this was the only one available because the 6:30 bus was full), he then went back to the same ticket agent who had refused a few hours earlier and exchanged the ticket for the 6:30 departure, because – what a surprise – a seat opened up.This little venture cost $174.04 on top of the more than $800.00 the original 3 return tickets had cost.I want my money back.Vancouver offered to give me travel vouchers, I told them no because no one in my family will ever use greyhound again.. I am refusing this ridiculous offer for something I am never going to use. They only had one opportunity and they risked the life of my granddaughter, they can forget about getting any further business from me this includes any chance to lose one of my parcels. Rosanne Costain604 277 9172

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