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I’ll have to give a little backstory in order for this to make sense: I had been with this hosting company for nearly five months and have dealt with this horrible service – servers continually had horrible ping times if not went completely down – horrible support – I was upsold to every time I went to complain that my users weren’t able to access my website and/or the downtimes I spotted on Integro – and horrible management – this is coming in a moment. Every day my users would experience some sort of lag and even some days some loss as to data. I complained about this for months, every chance and opportunity I had. Did I mention that also every time I complained, I was given the same “the server is fine – pay 100+$$ for a VPS if you don’t want to deal with this” treatment? This is the upsale I was talking about. No one would admit to any problem or even listen to what I had to say. Regardless of my admin/netadmin experience. So it eventually came to filling a complaint to the BBB over these issues, being that I was promised 99.9% uptime[!], that their servers hardly ever went down . . . the usual lines. Finally, after arguing with the “the servers are fine and you’re past your 30 day money back guarantee” crap – can you believe they actually said that in my response to my BBB’s complaint too? – they finally issued me a refund . . . sans 25$$. The ‘fee for registering a domain name’. When everyone else charges 10$$. Anyway, that isn’t even the worst of it. Not a very short time after I receive this email did they completely cut off my service. No grabbing my domain name, no backing up my website, no backing up my database. No access, period. Fine. Whatever. I ask them for my backups, they say “this goes to support”. That’s fine. Or it would have been had I not already requested my domain unlocked and my epp key so I can move my business – yes, this is my domain for my internet business – to another host. Apparently these people are playing sore with me since at this point in time (right now) the only thing they’ve managed to do is merge my tickets and basically reprimand me for having more than one ticket. No matter that I asked for my backups. Doesn’t matter to them. My domain? Doesn’t matter. Creating a ticket in their support center and a ticket in their billing center, who contacted me in the first place? Horrible! How could I? No matter that I was told in their live chat to request my domain unlocked through support. So I’m still waiting on my backups/domain to be unlocked so I can move my business, which has been down since this started, to another host. Don’t ever go with this company if you want any kind of decent support. Or even lousy. They didn’t seem to listen to me, at least.

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  1. Tommy Rippetoe May 26, 2020

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