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Great Expressions Dental Centers Review

Great Expressions Dental Centers

I was a patient at the Great Expression office in the Stockbridge, GA location. On April 19th I went into the office because I had a serious toothache. I saw Dr. Jones and his dental assistant. After doing xrays Dr. Jones explain that my tooth on my left side showed a crack and was the reason for my pain. So he said before I make a decision how we will take care this let me speak to my orthodontist Dr. Woods. Later Dr.Woods came in and explain to me he feels the tooth can be saved and a root canal would be the way to go. Root canal was done but I was sent home with no medication of any kind. Thank god I had medication at home that I could take for pain but 2 weeks in I ended up with an abcess in the same area where the root canal was done. On my next appointment which was a week later (3 weeks) from the root canal I still had the abcess showed it to Dr. Jones who said wow you have an infection not good so he wrote me a prescription for antibiotics and pain medication and suggest I make an appointment to come back for a possible second root canal. I filled the prescriptions took as directed the pain went away so did the abcess. So now I go to the appointment that was scheduled for the root canal on 5/28 but at that time told the Dental assistant no root canal and explain my reason and concern that my issues should have been addressed all at one time. Explain my bad experience and ask that I just get the crown put in permanently that was put in temporarily my previous visit because Dr. Jones wasn’t sure whether a root canal would need to be done. I explain to Dr. Jones that I will not have another root canal done but my mouth was feeling better and I just want crown put on and he agreed. That was done. Now I talked to the lady at the desk about my billing. When I first came in due to admin error my insurance was not available so I paid for the service with my care credit card and purchase Dental Expression $69 plan to cover x-rays. In a few days got my insurance straighten out and called and ask DE to please bill my insurance it took a while for that to happen so I call corporate who got the ball rolling. The insurance company has issued payment for all procedures but now the office is wanting to bill me for more than they should. The EOB shows the allowance amount and what they pay. The office is telling me out of the $1890.00 I paid they only owe me $866 that is so wrong. So a nice young lady at the office reach out to me I explain the situation she advise that I would need to keep up with when the payments from the insurance has been posted because she does not have access to keep up with it and she will then work with me to get matters cleared up. All of this is just frustrating because today I try calling the [protected] get all the way to please hold for a rep and then the operator says ext 711173 is full and unable to leave a message. I wasn’t wanting to leave a message I wanted to speak to a person. So here we go. I did send the young lady @ my local office copies of the EOB from my insurance company for her review. Not a happy customer at all. Right now I would not recommend Great Expression to anyone. By the way I was giving GE a second chance because I had stop coming in the past due to shady work.


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