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18 September 2019

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They have one of the worst customer service agents who don’t know how to deal with their customers. Grayson BMW will only be going to look for their own interest without even ensuring that whether the customer is satisfied or not. Grayson BMW will be going to follow unusual practices just to make some extra cash. The only reason to visit this place because they had awesome reviews online and I could not even find a single negative review about them which somehow forced me to visit them but it was a lie as their own employees are responsible for handling the ratings which I think is somehow misleading for their customers. I decided to purchase a sedan for which I requested Grayson BMW for a test drive just to make sure everything was up and up. This was the most unprofessional experience I ever had in my life. My wife was actually having a test drive and Grayson BMW sold this car to another guy in Las Vegas just for $500 more. I thought that I was the one who made the request first, so they should deal with me first. When I came back their manager started yelling at me and told me that I had driven this car roughly and so the car had incurred damages. Despite offering me a price they were not willing to sell it to me until and unless I’d pay them the amount of money which another guy just offered. They also kept saying that my wife and I had wasted a lot of their time and kept urging us to ‘Pay Up’ as fast as possible. I was really irritated by this behavior. I didn’t know that car dealerships behave this way. If this is how BMW employees treat their customers then I’m better off with a Volvo. I don’t think it’s okay for anyone to go to this place just because the staff here is too rude and terrible.
It looked like they are just here to make some extra cash, they don’t respect their customer and as long as the customer is willing to pay the money he would be nicely treated. But as soon as the customer will get off or will not do business with them, they will start showing their real faces. The experience was a nightmare for me and I would recommend you guys that you won’t be respected at such places. The level of professionalism maintained at Grayson BMW was horrible as it was below average. I had done business with several other BMW dealers and I was nicely treated over there because for them the customer was the first priority. Grayson BMW is just a waste of time and money, there are other alternatives in the city which are far better than this one. So stay away from such filths.

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