Grant Masters

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Grant Masters | Unauthorized payments off credit card

I also paid the $1.97 and got nothing for it. Then Google Ads took out $78.84 off my credit card(stupid me). I called my credit card company and they gave me the name of the company and the phone number. I called and was told that I had signed up for this, whatever it was no idea, I said I had not and told them to put my money back on my card. They did within a about a week. Then a month later Grant Masters took out $38.84. I again got hold of my credit card company and reported them to the fraud department and the recovery department, with the recovery department the company has 45 to refund the money. So I got on to the phone with them on June 26 and was again told I had applied for something with Grant Masters. Again I told them that I never did and to refund my money, which he said he would do. Hasn’t happened and when I called tonight was told to send email to them for refund. For anyone interested the email is So will be trying this. Oh and I cancelled my credit card, not taking any more chances. What kind of advertisement does facebook allow, anything under the sun and all scammers.Debbie

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