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I ordered a few tickets to a major golf tournament. At the check out screen, they listed the items I was purchasing including handling and shipping charges. Everything looked fine so I completed the order. Later, I received an e-mail from them listing my order, it was essentially the same information as what was on the check out screen. When I was notified that my order has been shipped, I noticed that I was charged two separate shipping fees. I called to find out why and ask for a refund on one of the shipping fees. The person I spoke to (Danielle) said it was because the tickets were from two different sources hence the two shipping fees. I argued that it did not show that on the check out screen and the subsequent e-mail that was sent from their company. She said it was in their Terms of Service (TOS) that their can charge more than one shipping fee and because I checked the box that I’ve read the TOS they did not have to do the refund. I told her that was deceitful and misleading and bad business practice. I asked to speak to someone higher than her, but apparently she is the manager. Needless to say, I did not get my refund. So I’m here warn others out there to be weary of Don’t expect sympathy from them what-so-ever. As a side note, their site might not be as secure as they claim. The day following my order with I had an unauthorized charged on my credit card and was forced to cancel it. So again

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