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Sold me overpriced and rubbish window wipers

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24 September 2019

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I wasn’t even attended to as I entered the office and felt neglected by all members of staff at Got All Auto Parts.
The quote for a pair of window wipers at $60 wasn’t at a reasonable price for me. This started on the wrong path and didn’t make my first experience pleasant nor friendly at the company. I didn’t find professional help from the team.
The whole spent there for cheaper quotes I didn’t get a better price and understood they are a non-negotiable company.
They didn’t try to show me a good attitude at Got All Auto Parts.
I wasn’t taken care of by the team and the team failed to mention other offers available to clients. The car parts aren’t affordable and are non-negotiable making it difficult for car owners to buy certain parts as needed. I don’t appreciate paying the price of $60 to Got All Auto Parts.
I had hoped for an excellent service for me when a team of a company treats clients with respect and in a friendly manner. I didn’t get any of it from my experience with the company.
I called the front desk to inform of other car part offers and they weren’t informative nor helpful to me. It is the worst I have had with a company of this sort. Terrible client services and no intelligence of the product.
I had no feedback on other offers on car parts and no calls returned from the company. These issues aren’t solved, and I wish I hadn’t gone there for the window wipers. The company isn’t worth spending money and isn’t worth positive feedback.
I had nothing good come of my dealings with Got All Auto Parts. This place isn’t what I expected from ordering car parts to high charges of car parts. The communication skills and knowledge of car parts are terrible for me. They don’t understand to prioritize the client’s service and to please the client without fuss.
My phone calls weren’t returned, I wasn’t informed of special offers of other car parts, I didn’t get the window wipers on a reduced price and I felt dissatisfied with services of Got All Auto Parts. Window wipers didn’t arrive on time as promised to me.
I didn’t get what I deserved from the unqualified staff and unacknowledged staff of car parts and prices at the company. My experience taught me to find professional companies to assist me in car part orders and to have the best results from my experience. However, at Got All Auto Parts I got nothing good to make me feel great of my existence there.
I won’t recommend the company for employing the untrained and unskilled group of people to do their work at the lowest rate. The company doesn’t deserve positive feedback from me. I experienced no communication for better deals, and I see no interest in the company to make a client feel happy at Got All Auto Parts. There’s no professionalism at the company. I won’t go back there again!

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