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GoldIcq International Inc - Rappelz | FRAUDULENT BUSINESS PRACTICES

October 10, 2010 Re: www.goldicq.com cwdid=5761377227234514412[Moolin] Hello, how may I help you? [Dwayne] hi moolin i just placed an order, form number is : 10101022094xxxx[Moolin] Please hold on, I will check on that.[Dwayne] ok[Moolin] Could you please email us your character name, level and Server, we may need to make a confirm before the first time trade.Please make sure the character name you wrote is exactly the same as your ingame name, with correct capitalization.Please email it to . Thank you.[Dwayne] ok[Dwayne] Hi message sent[Moolin] ok, let me see[Dwayne] sure[Moolin] wait[Dwayne] ok[Moolin] We may call you to make a confirm, if you don’t mind, may I have your phone number please? [Moolin] :)[Dwayne] 1-403-xxx-xxxx[Moolin] how old are you[Dwayne] xx[Moolin] whose card did you use to buy[Dwayne] my own[Moolin] ok[Moolin], wait for the call[Dwayne] ok i am waiting[Dwayne] I use paypal as i have my card link to this account this is also for my protection as well.[Moolin] ok[Moolin] Oh, we meet some problem with our phone connection currently, I won’t call you now, we may would call you next time, sorry for the inconvenience.[Dwayne] no this wont work as i have to back to work in a couple of hours. If you are not able to process at this time then I would like to cancell this order and not process later.[Moolin] contacting the supplier for you[Dwayne] ok, continuing to wait.[Moolin] Our supplier is offline now, would you please check back later for the face to face trade? [Dwayne] I do not want to wait anymore, I contacted Mary about 30 minutes ago and she said that you had stock. I wish to cancel my order and not meet face to face later.[Moolin] the supplier just has a little pqoblem with his system, he cant log in game[Dwayne] I would like to have a credit back to paypal. This has taken to long, sorry.[Moolin] can you wait? [Dwayne] for how much longer do you think? [Moolin] soon[Moolin] ]he is trying to fix[Dwayne] Moolin this is my free time I dont wish to waste it waiting, my patience is wearing thin. [Moolin] sorry:([Moolin] can you check back later'[Moolin] I know your feeling[Dwayne] It not the mater of feeling as i am not able to play online later as I have to work. I wish to cancell this order now and not wait and I suggest that you find a more reliable supplier.[Dwayne] please return credit.[Moolin] our supplier are reliable[Moolin] just need time[Dwayne] no more time.[Dwayne] If you can not issue a credit at this time then I will have Paypay contact you directly as I have stated I no longer wish to proceed.[Moolin] sorry, plz dont do that[Dwayne] Then simply issue a credit.[Dwayne] All that is lost is an order.[Moolin] I have no right to refund[Moolin] :([Dwayne] What is meant by that? you have no right is it not the company you work for? [Moolin] the manage has the right[Dwayne] He will also have the right to speak with Paypal and Mastercard. I will also post these comment for others to read as you seem not to be co-operative.[Moolin] I will leave a msg to our manage, he will deal with your order soon[Moolin] I will leave a msg to our manage, he will deal with your order soon[Dwayne] Yes he can deal with paypal now. Unjustified Customer.[Moolin] he is not here, when he come, he will deal

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